Marjolein Haagsman

Marjolein Haagsman applies short videoclips within biology education at Utrecht University. Her videoclips are enriched with interactive tools and she uses the obtained data from these tools to guide her in-class discussions. Marjolein also investigates how students use these tools and whether they affect students’ attention. Furthermore, she participates in a university broad project on pre- and e-labs to help improve students' research skills and learning comprehension within laboratory education.
Marjolein obtained her bachelor degree in Biology with greatest honor and obtained her master degree in Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences with a GPA of 4.0. After finishing her research master she decided to become a teacher and obtained a master degree in international and bilingual education. She taught at secondary school and helped to initiate and develop the bachelor track Molecular Life Sciences at Utrecht University. Currently she works as a PhD student within education at the Department of Biology of Utrecht University (The Netherlands). She is also a lecturer in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
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