Estella Griffioen

Estella Griffioen is a research fellow of the Inholland Research Group, Teaching, Learning & Technology (TLT) and focuses on the use of video in higher education. The research group is part of the Inholland University of Applied Sciences and she is a member of the Inholland Community of Practice Video which meets regularly to discuss practical use cases of video within Inholland. Since 2009, Estella has been working at Inholland as a lecturer, coordinator and course developer. Since working as an ICT Consultant at Atos Origin, she has been using technology to enhance her teaching and in the development of courses and educational programmes. In the research for her Masters’ Thesis, she collected viewing statistics of videos, during different learning moments, and compiled this into heat maps to illustrate the learning process. She has presented this research on blended learning at different conferences, most recently the Onderwijs Research Dagen and the SURF Onderwijsdagen.