Ine Rombouts

After her bachelor and master studies (2002-2007) at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, Ine Rombouts started her PhD on protein cross-linking in food which she succesfully defended in September 2011. She then started her postdoctoral research, first funded by PDM-BOF (2011-2012), later by FWO-Vlaanderen (2012-2016). She authored more than 30 peer-reviewed articles, participated at more than 10 international conferences, and collaborated with researchers from all over the globe. She is reciepient of the 2011 Walter Bushuk research award for cereal protein chemistry. In October 2016, she started working as a lector at the Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, and in light of this new challenge, she explores educational innovations among which the use of video material.