14:30 – 15:15 | Workshop C: Learning Experience Design with VPRO Open Source Science TV

What if you can use your favourite (educational) TV show to create your own learning experience? The Mind of the Universe (by VPRO) is an international tv series and open source digital platform about the rapid evolution of our knowledge. In the series world-renowned scientists challenge us with questions like: Can we create every life form imaginable with gene editing? Can we create robots with a heart?
As learning developers at the Centre for Innovation of Leiden University, we wondered: how can we use the fascinating topics and open source TV content to create new engaging learning experiences? And how can learners be challenged to look beyond their boundaries and reflect on urgent issues touched upon by the scientists in the series? In this session we will work together to find answers to these questions. You might end up with a brilliant idea for your own learning experience that you can start editing the next day!

Find the Online Learning Experiences by three Dutch universities (Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam) based on the series here.
More info on the VPRO Mind of the Universe TV series: