Maren Kreutler

Since 2016 I have been studying BA linguistics at the University of Paderborn

In November 2018 I participated in a seminar entitled EDIT - Linguistic approaches in the design of educational videos.
Together with four other students from the University of Paderborn, I created an educational video about sexual education with a special focus on different family types. With this video we participated in the EDIT challenge 2018 and won.

Nowadays, videos are a popular and widely used medium for leisure activities, but they are also well-established as educational/teaching material. While in school, I relied on them for my study of mathematics.
From the very beginning, I had a keen interest in this project. I wanted to be part of it to create my first video and to learn what goes on behind the camera rather than just consuming videos from online channels such as youtube. The EDIT challenge offered the opportunity to get creative in a seminar at the University and compete in a challenge with other students from other countries.