Supporting teachers using Mediasite

In 'The supported teachers using Mediasite', several teachers of Inholland University present their experience with making and distributing web lectures via Mediasite.
In this presentation we make clear, educational innovation doesn't exist on itself. When you want to renew your curriculum you need educational experts and the right tools to develop it.
Mediasite was used for a new lecture approach in two first-year courses; one introducing Basic Chemistry and the other introducing Administrative Law.
As its name implies, the course Basic Chemistry focuses on the basics of chemistry and is part of the first year of the curriculum of the Life Sciences and Chemistry education. In order to activate and engage students, a blended learning approach was applied. Over a three year period, several innovations following a stepwise approach were introduced. Including pre-class preparation using videos, a digital interactive course manual and live lecture capturing.

In the latter one: Introduction of Administrative Law, weekly live-streamed and interactive lectures for all concerned students replaced thirteen (!) formely offered lectures per student group. Students, both on sight and at a distance, were encouraged to engage during recording and after basic editing the lecturevideo was made available.
In the Session live and ondemand settings are presented, as well as small knowledge clips with interactivity like quizzes. Organisation aspects will be adressed as well as the essential alignement/coproduction between teachers and technical and didactical support. The Inholland University team is learning on the job, motivated by the repeated views per student per lecture!