Students as video producers: findings from three pilot projects at KU Leuven

The idea of student generated video is gaining increasing acceptance in higher education. The student, in his new role as co-creator of courses and learning material, is asked to develop knowledge clips for peers. Or students use digital storytelling as an innovative way to reflect on and share experiences.

In January 2018 LIMEL launched a project to investigate how the implementation of student generated video at KU Leuven could be further supported. Based on a review of relevant literature and an evaluation of existing practices, scenarios were developed to support the creation of knowledge clips and digital stories in the context of a course.
Afterwards three pilot projects where implemented to test and evaluate these scenario's. First year bachelor students in Japanese Studies were asked to create informative videos about a typical phenomenon of Japanese culture. Master students in Biomedical Sciences prepared screencasts about micronutrients for their peers. Lastly we introduced digital storytelling as a way to help master students in Pharmaceutical Sciences reflect on their experiences with service-learning.

During this presentation I would like to present some results of these pilot projects through the inclusion of witness statements: What did students create? How do they look back on the video task? What was the experience of the teaching staff?

I will share our findings related to the tested scenario’s:
• How to implement a multidisciplinary approach?
• Which support do students need?
• Which skills are necessary?
• How to plan projects?
• How to assess video tasks?
• Does the production of knowledge clips stimulate deeper learning?
• Is digital storytelling a good way to stimulate reflection?
• Etc.

In conclusion I would present a brand new toolkit for the implementation of student generated video in higher education. This toolkit will comprise examples, scenarios, links to resources etc. for teachers who are eager to get started with student videos.