Enhancing lecture capture within an Opencast environment

Lecture recording evolved from a very simple paradigm: If we put a camera in front of the teacher we will be able to record what he is doing and is telling and then replay afterwards. This may replace or improve class notes and allow students to review the content, especially the pain points in the course. While the previous holds true, the evolution of lecture capture is allowing universities to provide a layer of derived services, built upon the raw video that provides students access to content and information that they didn’t get (or at least didn’t get easily) from the classical lecture. This is an area where AI services may fit nicely and make a huge boost in the appeal of the recordings. At Universitat Politècnica de Valencia we are using Opencast as a university-wide lecture recording system, and we are experiencing with several tools, some AI-based and some not, that try to provide such enhanced experience with students. In the talk we will show and discuss those tools, like automated tracking, 4K Zoom, Automatic transcriptions and others. We will also provide an insight in how students use and view such content.