Video-based teaching material in a marketing course

In this screening session, a new web and video based Marketing e-book, covering theory with the help of executive video cases will be introduced. The new series, called Brands Whisper’g®, questions the traditional teaching methods by reversing the order of teaching (lectures starting with case studies, followed by the theory at the end). In this e-book, all information is delivered in lecturer scripted video case studies, that are narrated by top executives in a video format. Students are exposed to the case (problem) first, followed by the theory. At the end, in the Q&A section, the specific example is linked to the theory. In the screening session, apart from introducing the tool; presenter will share experinces regarding the production of these video cases as a teaching material. In addition a video case on Marketing will be used as an example lecture. It will be watched in parts and discussed with the participants, exhibiting how a video case can be used as a pegadogical lecturing material.

You will find here an English version of Brands Whisper’g series videos.