Alberoventi is a social networking platform developed within an extensive communication research project with the aim of helping teachers and educators of all levels to use new educational resources and methodologies, taking particular advantage of the resources of the Web.
Alberoventi offers a variety of different experimentations and services through protected autonomous platforms where members can get into action individually or (mainly) in groups and interacting with the others in order to achieve goals, thus developing at the same time the tools to use and their own knowledge on the selected topic. These platforms are partially designed on the characteristics and necessities of each single group and the possibilities made available for each of them depend on the particular collaborative education methodology chosen or developed specifically for that group.
Alberoventi is currently in Beta version. Its present projects are aimed at the training of high school and university students and of teachers. At present among its activities there are collaborative writing, web tv productions and foreign languages teaching.
Alberoventi's activity also include a big effort to constitute a network of schools and teachers interested in the use of the new methods offered through the online platform.

Sponsors and Exhibitors

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