Azahar Portal: Improving communication of people with autism

Azahar is a set of applications available for free download, for communication, leisure and planning via tablet, computer or smartphone, to help to improve the quality of life and autonomy of people with autism and/or intellectual disability.
The applications contain pictograms, images and sounds which can be adapted to each user. New icons, photos of the person and his/her family voices, etc. can also be used, in order to ensure the maximum level of personalization for each application.
In this way, Azahar the applications can be adjusted to the user’s preferences and needs, according to the level of complexity he/she can handle.
In addition to the applications, the platform Azahar includes a configuration interface, which enables tutors (carers, family, teachers, etc.) to personalise Azahar to ensure the user can gain maximum benefit from each application.
Azahar it is based on the TEACCH programme philosophy for offering a clear visual structure. One of the applications, the SENTENCES CONTRUCTION takes its inspiration from the PECS system.
Azahar is compatible with the Windows, iOS (iPad/iPhone) and Android systems.

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