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This site consists of games, guides, … for kids at home and in school. It also provides information for parents and teachers. Students can check out chats, message boards and more to learn in a pleasant way.

Table of contents: 

- A variety of games and activities for young children from CBeebies programmes.

Primary subjects - Ages 4 - 11
- Subjects: Art, Geography, History, Languages, Literacy, Music, Numeracy, PSHE, Science, and other subjects
- Example: "Off By Heart: Compete to become the UK poetry recital champion!"

Secondary subjects - Ages 11 - 16
- Subjects: Art, Business Studies, Citizenship, Design & Technology, English, Geography, History, IT, Languages, Maths, Music, PE, PSHE, RE, Science, Study - Skills, Other
- Example: "Student Life: Crash Course Comic -Eight students embark on a school trip..."

- Subjects: General Studies, Geography, History, Languages, Maths, Science, Other Subjects

Student pages:
- Student Life homepage
- School Issues
- Careers & Choices
- Debate
- Revision & Skills
- Book Club
- Games
- Message boards

Teachers pages with key stages

Parents pages:
- Help with School Work
- Help with Home/School Life
- Games and Worksheets

Revision Guide

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