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BurningWell is a repository for public domain images. Basically, this means that it is allowed to use the images freely for any purpose, commercial or private. It is not necessary to pay or to acknowledge or give credit to the photographer or to the website. When recognizable people appear in any of the images, the photographers have obtained a "model release" and assigned all rights to the public domain. This allows the images to be used in any manner, including advertising.
Most of the images are donated by photographers (both professional and private) from around the world who believe that great images should be shared.
BurningWell started in 2006 and contains today more than 1400 images.
N.B.: the search engine redirects to another website containing many images (over 6000) but most of them are not for free.

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• Album: Upload
• Album: Activities
• Album: Animals and Bugs
• Album: Cityscapes
• Album: Landscapes
• Album: Objects
• Album: People
• Album: Plants
• Album: Textures
• Album: Artwork

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