Getty Museum Website

The J. Paul Getty Museum is an art museum in California that contains a collection of "Western art from the Middle Ages to the present" as well as art from ancient Greece, Rome and Etruria. The Museum provides its visitors with access to the most innovative research in the visual arts both in its Getty Center and Getty Villa sites and on the Internet.
The website of the museum offers several services useful to teachers and students. Here follow some of them:
• The education section ( offers a range of high-quality educational programs, games and resources for a variety of audiences from adults and college students, to K-12 teachers and their students, families with kids, teens, community groups, and museum educators.
• The art section ( contains videos and description cards for a number of works of art hosted at the Getty Museum and a list of selected resources about Art and Architecture ( and Biographical Information (
• The research section ( contains a list of useful search tools to find the writings contained in the Museum’s collection.
• The publications section ( provides access to the publications that are available via Internet.
• A guide ( for building effective visual arts lessons

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