IPR For Educational Environments

This is a free online course about Intellectual Property Rights for Educational Environments. It is primarily aimed at people in higher education designing online learning resources but is also appropriated for academics working in HE staff development. The course is divided into three units each comprising a number of sessions. Each element is designed to either be used independently or as a part of a complete learning experience.
The course addresses IPR in the UK but the materials can be adapted and re-used to represent IPR issues in non-UK countries. It is developed in the frame of the IPR4EE project, that was created to introduce and build awareness of aspects of intellectual property rights and copyright.

N.B.: The link leads to the introduction and overview of the course. Links to the units and materials of the course can be found at the bottom of the page.

Table of contents: 

Unit One: Introduction to IPR and Copyright for Educators
• Session 1: Introduction to copyright and other IPR overview
• Session 2: Why is it important for me as an educator?
• Session 3: Media IPR and licensing
• Session 4: Consortia & collaborative projects
Unit Two: Working within your institution
• Session 1: Project planning and documentation methods
• Session 2: Risk assessment
• Session 3: Ethical considerations (students work and social media)
• Session 4: Institutional contexts
• Session 5: Context and collaborative projects
Unit Three: Developing Content For A Multimedia-Multiplatform Course
• Session 1: Pedagogy & structure for your OER project
• Session 2: What media to use...and clearing it for use
• Session 3: Using the right type of media...and clearing it.
• Session 4: Pedagogy and accessibility
• Session 5: Dissemination and evaluation

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