Jog the Web - Assembly content packages from the web

Jog The Web is an engaging interactive tool that allows users to assemble tidy packages of web content. Teachers can use it for providing students with easy access to guided learning activities.
The websites within a Jog can be explored right within the page frame, solving the problems related to students getting lost within multiple windows. Jog authors can annotate pages within the Jog and also create original pages with unique content.
On the website are stored all the packages assembled by others in a library formed by almost 18000 contents that users are free to browse and explore. More than 11000 of them are in the category ‘education’.

Table of contents: 

Categories of packages on the website:
News & politics
Pets & Animals
Film & Animation
People & Blogs
Science & Technology
Autos & Vehicles
Howto & Style
Travel & Events

Sponsors and Exhibitors

MediaSite Kaltura Panopto
Ubicast WebClip2Go Kalyzée
Matrox Rapidmooc Crowdbeamer