MEDEAnet webinar “Videos for teaching”

On 21 March 2013 MEDEAnet organised a one hour webinar about integrating videos in teaching and how it influences the learning behaviour and learning effects, with a special focus on the recent trend 'Flipping the Classroom', in which students study the main content already at home (for example through videos) so that they can use what they’ve learned to realise concrete exercises & projects during the face-to-face class. This online event attracted 40 participants from 15 different countries, who were mainly teachers and trainers.

Our first speaker, Olaf de Groot (De Verdieping at stichting Kennisnet, the Netherlands) focused on flipping the classroom model, how this concept can be integrated in the daily lessons and how it effects the teaching and learning experiences in school. Our second speaker, Bram Faems (Jonatan Berkenboom and KlasCement, Belgium) presented a toolkit he developed for teachers to let students produce their own videos - a flipped flipping the classroom model so to speak, and he also discussed the students’ learning experiences when developing their own videos. After the presentations, participants could ask questions in an open discussion and are free to still ask questions in our online forum discussion on this webinar.

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