MEDEAnet webinar: Flipping the Classroom to shift from passive to active learning. An example based on LAMS

The webinar will focus on the educational model «Flipping the classroom» and the innovation that it brings to education. We will present the methodology, the pedagogy behind it, the strengths and how this new trend in educational practices, approaches the challenges of education in 21st century. Using technology to provide students “control of their interactions” has a positive effect on student learning. It increases the ability to review parts that are misunderstood, which need further reinforcement, and/or those parts that are of particular interest. LAMS could be an important factor of the flipped classroom as it can be used to provide: i) opportunities for interaction in and out of class, ii) key content for students to access at their own convenience and to suit their pace of learning and iii) immediate feedback for teachers and students.

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