PerúEduca is the national educational portal of Peru. It is a learning environment providing educational resources and tools for educational use. It is structured as an interactive communication channel aimed at aiding both students and teachers in the teaching and learning processes by quickly responding to demands and needs of its users and by simplifying communication and interaction processes.
PerúEduca contains virtual courses for teachers which that are part of the ecosystem of virtual education provided by the Department of Educational Technology of Peru. The aim of these courses is to integrate and promote skills, knowledge and attitudes related to professional development. The portal also contains other types of material for teachers: articles, official texts, communities of practice.
With regard to the students, the portal offers resources as videos, games, e-labs, images databases, books, animations, audios, simulations, etc., as well as services as the calendar, careers guidance, etc.
Access to all the content on the website is free (although registration is needed). It is covered with a Creative Commons Licence.





Ministerio de Educación 2012 del Perú | Dirección General de Tecnologías Educativas


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