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SHARP: "Teaching and Learning Digital Media" Pedagogical Kit

S.H.A.R.P European network introduces a new and FREE pedagogical resource for professionals interested in media education and new technologies.

The pedagogical kit "Teaching and Learning Digital Media" is intended for teachers, educators, trainers and others who want to improve their competences in the field of education about and through new media technologies. The central areas of inquiry are images (still imagery, films, videos) and web tool creation and application (platforms for information searches, for sharing, for producing media content, etc.).

The material is based on the educational experiences engendered during the S.H.A.R.P project by the different partners within their own contexts. These projects were conducted with different targets (e.g. students, teachers, adults, elderly people, minorities) and with particular topics (chosen from the main themes of Sharp: identity, memory, territory....) in mind.

The information presented in the kit sheds light on the main theme of the S.H.A.R.P (Sharing and RePresenting) from both theoretical and practical perspectives. The five theoretical chapters of the kit aim to provide help in answering the five main questions below. They can be used to plan and implement trainings "about and with media"; to work with ICT in the didactic field; to analyse and produce images and films with a school class, with university students or in adult education; and to facilitate social enquiries with given groups. The five questions are:

1. How can I plan a project?

2. How can I didacticise ICT in a project?

3. How can I analyse images, film and sound?

4. How can I produce images and films?

5. How can I collect significant social resources?

The kit also contains a series of practical examples on using new media for developing media skills. You can find a detailed description of nine workshops conducted by S.H.A.R.P partners from 7 EU countries: Italy, France, Portugal, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania and Bulgaria.

ActiveWatch is the Romanian partner of the project and we contributed to the kit with Chapter 7: Visual Language and Representation of Reality.

The entire pedagogical kit is available for FREE in English and some chapters were translated into Romanian by local partner. Soon, the material will also be available in French.

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S.H.A.R.P network partners: CEM - Centro Educazione Media (Pavia, Italy) CLEMI- CENTRE DE LIAISON DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT ET DES MÉDIAS D'INFORMATION (Paris, France) Centro de Formação de Escolas do Concelho de Almada (Portugal) Easy Communication Association (Sofia, Bulgaria) ISCSP - UTL (Lisabona, Portugal) ActiveWatch- Media Monitoring Agency (Bucharest, Romania) Provincia di Pavia (Italy) Università degli Studi di Pavia (Italy) UNIVERSITY OF ARTOIS (France) UNIVERSITY OF NICOSIA (Cyprus) Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania)




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