Veritasium is an interesting video blog (hosted on a youtube channel) containing more than 100 first rate educational videos about science that can be used to support effective science teaching and learning. The videos cover a variety of scientific topics (Chemistry, Physics, biology, astronomy, etc.). It’s mission and inspiring principle, as the same author Derek Muller defines it, is “to deliver the most interesting science videos as is humanly possible”.

Table of contents: 

• Veritasium & Team Record Gold Invade London
• The Bonding Song
• Free Higgs!
• BrainSTEM! Vsauce, ViHart, John Green, MinutePhysics, CGPGrey, SixtySymbols, Smarter Every Day
• Northern Lights From Balloon (Project Aether Alaska)
• Awesome HD Slinky Slow-Mo
• Transit of Venus! Sydney 2012 Contacts, Contracts and Parallax
• Spinning Disk Trick Solution
• Slinky Drop 2
• Gyroscopic Precession
• Spinning Disk Trick
• Why Are Astronauts Weightless?
• Where Does The Sun Get Its Energy?
• Northern Lights Explained - Aurora Borealis
• Destination: Alaska
• Why Do You Make People Look Stupid?
• Where Do Trees Come From?
• Spinning Tube Trick Answer
• Spool Trick
• Spinning Tube Trick Explained
• Spinning Tube Trick
• Are You Lightest In The Morning? (Daily Weight Fluctuations)
• World's Longest Vertical Straw
• How To Curve A Baseball Or Swing A Cricket Ball
• Koala Encounters
• The Coastline Paradox & The Koch Snowflake
• Candle Trick
• How To Make Graphene
• Eclipses vs Phases Of The Moon
• A Human Being Is A Part Of The Whole
• The Magnus Force
• Atomic Rant
• Can We Go the Speed of Light? (The Principle of Relativity)
• Physics Nobel Prize 2011 - Brian Schmidt
• YouTube SpaceLab Intro by Veritasium
• Nobel Prize Winner Brian Schmidt - Physics 2011
• Supersized Slow-Mo Slinky Drop
• Grape + Microwaves = Plasma
• Slinky Drop
• Slinky Drop Answer
• Slinky Drop Extended
• States of Matter
• Imploding Drum
• The Colour Of Attraction
• Chain Drop Answer 2
• Chain Drop
• Impress Her With Nanodiamonds
• What Is Water Made Of?
• What Is Chemistry?
• Regelation Part 2
• Regelation Comparison
• Australian Science Week 2011
• Regelation of Ice
• Why Is Ice Slippery?
• Inertia (Why Earth Spins Part 2)
• Why Does The Earth Spin?
• Colour Changing LED Ball
• Fire Syringe
• Comparing Temperatures
• Deceptive Shadows
• Eye Tracking and Acceleration
• Option E - Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Option D - Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Option C - Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Option B - Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Option A - Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Acceleration of a Bungy Jump
• Bungy Jumping!
• Where Did The Earth Come From?
• How Old Is The Earth?
• What Is Electricity? (Are You Gonna Be My Girl?)
• Types of Radiation
• Sound + Fire = Rubens' Tube
• Radiation vs Radioactive Atoms
• Galileo the Scientific Parrot
• What Powers Australia?
• How Damaging is Radiation?
• Supercooled Water - Explained!
• Atoms and Isotopes
• Khan Academy and the Effectiveness of Science Videos
• Experiments A Cappella
• Three Incorrect Laws of Motion
• Is There Gravity In Space? (Why Are Astronauts Weightless?)
• Misconceptions About Falling Objects
• Which Hits The Ground First, Something Light or Heavy?
• Calculating Gravitational Attraction
• Best Film on Newton's Third Law. Ever.
• What Is Gravity?
• Why Does the Moon Orbit Earth?
• The Forces On You (Introducing Normal Force)
• What is a Force?
• How Far Away is the Moon? (The Scale of the Universe)
• Gravity (Scientific Version of John Mayer's Gravity)
• Egg Experiment to Demonstrate Inertia
• The Difference Between Mass and Weight
• Scientific Notation - Example
• I'm Atoms (Scientific Cover of Jason Mraz's I'm Yours)
• Scientific Notation - Explained!
• Cathode Rays Lead to Thomson's Model of the Atom
• JJ Thomson's Plum Pudding Model of the Atom
• Atomic Theory
• What causes the seasons?
• How long does it take for the earth to go around the sun?






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