Virtual E-Race-ing Through Digital Discoveries: Rediscovering History Through Media Education

This study showcases best practice in the social studies curriculum, focuses on unmasking the media education in teacher education programs through the process of producing video documentaries with minimal resources and equipment.

This study focuses the participatory research based on an online course called, “Rediscovering History through Media Education.” Teachers redesigned their curriculum integrating new media and technologies. This study provides a model for teaching and learning through media education. It involves researching online resources, deconstructing curriculum, and creating documentaries and oral history projects. It especially provides research based examples, resources and tools for integrating media production into social studies curriculum. This paper offers creative strategies for producing new media and technologies in social studies curriculum with limited resources and equipment; and showcase participants' multimedia projects. This research promotes literacy through media production in teacher education, describes teacher candidates' reactions, discoveries, and experiences with media, and showcases their multimedia projects. It is based on the participatory research conducted on teaching media
production classes and investigated over one hundred educators in seven different states. "

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