Voxy is a language-learning program based on real-life daily activities. Based on leading language learning principles and the latest technology, the integrated Web and mobile platform accelerates learning and creates a highly effective, immersive experience. Location-based language lessons and camera flashcards help learners with useful vocabulary and expressions in context.
The program provides authentic material for homework assignments, including built-in reading comprehension and vocabulary building tools. Lessons are designed in bite-sized increments for maximum compliance with assignments.
The program creates many opportunities for students to collaborate and learn together for it encourages group work and collaboration. Interactive games make language learning fun and keep students coming back for more. It also allows teachers to monitor students’ engagement, success and performance with easy-to-use reporting.
Voxy’s integrated web/mobile/SMS platform uses relevant up-to-date real-world content of a student’s choosing to shape lessons that are accessible anywhere, anytime. This approach is based on the pedagogic theories of motivation and learning. The used method increases frequency of study and accelerates learning by teaching in-context. The system on which the program is based is interactive and adaptive, meaning that each learner can personalize his/her curriculum.
Voxy is currently focused on teaching English to native Spanish and Portuguese-speakers. An expansion for speakers of other languages is planned.

System requirements: 
Voxy is entirely web-based: no software installation necessary.

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