Workshop “Developing documentaries in schools”

Educational Radiotelevision (EduTV) organised the MEDEAnet workshop “Developing documentaries in schools” on 5-7 April 2013 in Athens, Greece. The workshop was dedicated at primary and secondary level teachers who already have a prior experience in video production, basic knowledge in ICT, and Web 2.0 tools.

Lead speaker of the workshop was the Film director and Media Educator, Maria Leonida. She focused on methodologies related to documentary, exploring how various tools and resources can be used to enhance creativity in schools and finally understanding how documentary can be a multimodal, effective, informative and expressive medium. During the 3-day workshop the 24 participants learnt about ways to refine their shooting and editing techniques, enhance their creative techniques, focus on methodologies and educational content that could make teaching exciting and attractive to young people.

Sofia Papadimitriou (EduTV, Greece) presented the whole activities of the MEDEAnet project and how to publish and disseminate videos in social media and embed them in learning environments.

In addition, two successful webinars were held on Saturday and Sunday morning, exchanging experiences of creating videos with other European teachers. Sally Reynolds (ATiT, Belgium) first presented the history of MEDEA Awards and the experience of teachers’ training in media and the challenges that are emerged. In particular, Annamaria Lisotti (Italy) talked about the recordings of Science experiments in the classroom with her pupils and Anca Irimina (Romania) presented the use of video in a vocational school of Romania and her relevant experience. An active discussion was developed after their presentations, providing a good opportunity for the participants to ask questions about best practices of using the video in classroom settings.

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