Zotero - managing research sources

Zotero is an easy-to-use tool that helps to gather, organize, and analyse research sources (citations, full texts, web pages, images, and other objects). It works as a reference manager software, allowing to store author, title, and publication fields and to export that information as formatted references, but also integrates some more social features like the ability to interact, tag and share the results of the performed researches in a variety of ways.
Zotero is an extension to Firefox, so it can sense when users are viewing a book, article, or other object through the browser, and —on many major research and library sites—find and automatically save the full reference information for the item in the correct fields. For the same reason, it can effortlessly transmit information to, and receive information from, other web services and applications. It can also communicate with software running on your computer (such as Microsoft Word) and be used offline (e.g., on a plane, in an archive without WiFi).
Zotero's Unicode support allows you to import, store, and cite items in any language. You can change the language of Zotero, and of the citations and bibliographies created by Zotero. Finally, there is an experimental multilingual version of Zotero, which supports storage of item metadata in more than one language (transliterations and translations).
Documentation is completely available in English and most of the pages are also translated in many other languages.

System requirements: 
Using Firefox: Zotero is a Firefox extension.







Sean Takats (director). See the list of developers, alumni and contributors at http://www.zotero.org/support/credits_and_acknowledgments


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