MLA4MedLit: Standards and Best Practices in Media Literacy in Europe

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This online event is being organised by the EDMO Working Group on Media Literacy Standards and Best Practices. The aim of this group is to create a set of standards and best practices that can be used by the European Media Literacy community to help evaluate the effectiveness of the many different media literacy interventions taking place across the continent. This conference provides an opportunity to discuss the work carried out so far on creating a draft set of Standards and Best Practices and to gather input from the wider Media Literacy community.

The European Media Literacy community is increasingly focused on evaluating media literacy interventions and promoting best practices due to the growing number of stakeholders supporting media literacy initiatives across diverse target groups. However, policymakers, practitioners and researchers often grapple with the question of assessing the quality of such interventions in different settings.

During this online conference, participants will share their ideas about the characteristics of effective interventions and how best to judge whether a project or initiative is successful or not. As well as debating what constitutes ‘Best Practice’, it also provides an opportunity to come together to discuss the short, and longer-term, assessment of media literacy interventions.

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Friday 15 December 2023 / 13:30 – 16:30 CET

Welcome & Introduction

Are Standards and Best Practices in Media Literacy necessary?

Let’s take a look beyond Europe…..


Review of the current Working Group approach

Break-out sessions – time for discussion

Reporting and general discussion

Wrap up & Closing words

Members of the EDMO Working Group on Media Literacy Standards and Best Practices

  • Maja Cappello, European Audiovisual Observatory/Member of EDMO Advisory Council
  • Eileen Culloty, FuJo, Dublin City University/Ireland EDMO Hub
  • Emma Goodman, EUI/LSE, London/EDMOeu
  • Paula Gori, EUI/EDMOeu
  • Igor Kanizaj, University of Zagreb/DKMK /Member of EDMO Advisory Council
  • Maia Klaassen, University of Tartu, Estonia/BECID Hub
  • Sonia Livingstone, LSE, London/Member of EDMO Advisory Council
  • Chloé Pété, Media and Learning Association/EDMOeu
  • Sally Reynolds, Media and Learning Association/EDMOeu
  • Andy Stoycheff, NTCenter, Bulgaria/BROD Hub
  • Vitor Tomé, Autonomous University of Lisbon/IBERIFIER Hub

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