01/2023 to 06/2025

Task 5: Coordination of Media Literacy activities

A European Commission call for tender has confirmed a European University Institute-headed consortium as the lead of the European Digital Media Observatory (EDMO). In the next 30 months, EDMO will intensify its efforts against the rising challenges of online disinformation, including the war in Ukraine.

Within EDMOeu, the digital media literacy work is the responsability of the European University Institute and the Media & Learning Association.

The Key objectives are:

Promoting knowledge exchange among practitioners, policy makers and other experts across Europe

  • Building a trusted forum for knowledge exchange and networking among the media literacy experts in the EDMO national and multinational hubs. The first online meeting is coming up on 24 February.
  • Facilitating collaboration and sharing resources across borders by encouraging joint initiatives.
  • Providing training open to all on key topics such as evaluation of media literacy initiatives. 
  • Organising public events to share the work of the Hubs, and relevant research findings.

Mapping the landscape to make sense of the fragmented and dispersed nature of the media literacy sector

  • Media Literacy Country Profiles provide an overview of state of media literacy in EU Member States, including national policies and frameworks, the status of DML in national curriculum and outside formal education, relevant EDMO Hub activities, and information on key stakeholders.

Raising standards throughout the sector

  • Develop quality standards for digital media literacy initiatives, in conjunction with Hubs and other experts.
  • Publish guidelines for different digital media literacy stakeholders on how to meet these standards.
  • Provide inspiration to practitioners through a searchable collection of case studies of projects that, for example, meet particular objectives, involve particular stakeholders or target particular audiences.
  • Based on the Country Profiles and further research, gather evidence of effective strategies that can be used to better inform the policy debate about how to raise media literacy levels across society.