Innovation Dialogues

What is a Media and Learning Association Innovation Dialogue (MLAID)?

An Innovation Dialogue is a closed meeting between one or more audiovisual service providers who are sponsoring members of the Association and a small group of senior staff from higher education institutions who are responsible for audiovisual based and media services in their universities or colleges.

What is the purpose of MLA Innovation Dialogues?

The purpose of these events is to give users and suppliers of media and AV services and equipment an opportunity to meet and to discuss members’ current needs as well as to give companies and providers a chance to present their new products and services and to give an insight into future developments. These meetings will create an opportunity for an exchange of views and expectations regarding future product and service development.

A MLAID is not intended as a marketing opportunity to present the current service offer but an opportunity to discuss the future needs of the institutions involved and to do some out-of-the-box thinking on future needs and requirements. The emphasis is on innovation providing a view on the provider’s technical roadmap, time frame for development and validating this in terms of customer needs.

How long do they last and how many people take part?

Each dialogue lasts between 90 and 120 minutes and will involve  between 8 and 12 senior staff from HE institutions. These are closed, invitation-only events so date and time will not be published, and the time and date will be agreed first with the provider so as to enable key technical and development staff take part.

Who can take part?

These dialogues are open to sponsoring members only on the part of the service provider. Participation of Higher Education institutions is open to members and invited guests. The sponsoring member can invite guests as well.

More information?

Contact the association secretariat for more information.

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