New report on Digital Media Literacy gaps and needs in Italy

The English version of this report published by the Italian Digital Media Observatory (IDMO) into Digital Media Literacy in Italy is now available. It provides the results of a comprehensive study carried out to investigate, with the support of a survey aimed at the school world, the needs and requirements of teachers and students in terms of Media Literacy in order to provide useful recommendations for educational paths in schools and a wide-ranging educational offer.

The study, edited by Rai, T6 Ecosystems and Tim reveals, amongst other points, the fact that both teachers and students favour the idea of having a dedicated media educator available in schools as well as access to the use of an “open access catalogue with trusted sources, games and tools for fact checking and debunking to use on their own to increase their skills and competencies”. At a general level, the need for in-depth and ongoing Media Literacy awareness work is strongly emphasised.