THE Café – Classroom Teaching is Dead!

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Everybody is waiting for the pandemic to be over so they can go back to their classrooms.
After learning (and teaching) from the bed, from the confines of one’s home, with no traffic jams, parking problems, ugly weather – the question is – who wants to go back to 18th century schooling? Most classroom teaching is more like “preaching”. Now that we can see so many great teachers, lecturers, educators online, why would we settle for a mediocre teacher? Once students experience problem-based, project-based, team-based active learning, why would they have a need for old-fashioned classroom teaching?

  • Didn’t we learn anything from our attempts with online teaching?
  • Don’t we really have any “take home values” we can utilize from now on?
  • With lecture captures, educational video, online assessment etc. who wants to sit in a remote, cold, ugly classroom?
  • Is there ever a need for traditional classroom teaching? For what, when, for whom?

No need to register, just join us by clicking on the button below on Friday 29 January from 16:00 to 17:00 CET to talk about these and lots of other questions!

Meet our moderator Predrag Pale

Although a technologist (dipl. ing. in electrical engineering, in computer science), Predrag discovered his passion for teaching in late 80s. While building Internet for Croatia in the early 90s he started to explore the leverage of ICT in education, firmly believing that it will transform education as we know it, as well as society as a whole. Ever since, everything Predrag teaches is available online in web format and as recorded lectures.

With his students he developed a tool to convert lecture recordings into useful learning materials, an audience response system to be used during face-to-face teaching, and is working on tools to assess student’s understanding of learned material. With his colleague dr. Juraj Petrović, he created a portal summarising scientific papers on theories of learning published in the span of 70 years. He cooperates with psychologists, psychiatrists, cognitive scientists and educators researching and teaching about learning and teaching methods and use of technology in education. His research is focused on using ICT to help individuals to efficiently and pleasurably learn by themselves.