Virtual tour of advanced hybrid learning spaces

Part of series: Workshops & Seminars

Many higher education institutions are developing technically advanced learning spaces to facilitate both students on site as well as students online. These hybrid learning speaces need to accommodate the latest advances in audiovisual technology while at the same time, provide a highly engaging and effective learning space for students. And, on top of that to make matters more complicated, they need to be relatively easy for academic teaching staff to operate with the minimum level of technical support.

During this workshop, we plan to ‘visit’ several of the best known and recognised facilities of this type already in operation in universities, many of them members of the Media & Learning Association. Each of our guides will show us around their solution as best they can virtually and will describe both the technical and the pedagogical considerations that they have taken into account in the design and set-up of their facility. Participants can discuss in small groups the set up and operation of each facility and we will also make time in the general discussion to tease out some of the issues and challenges the establishment of such spaces brings to the surface.