Workshops & Seminars

Offering support and guidance on topics that matter to our members

Specialist knowledge and experience exists throughout our network of members and the organisations with whom we regularly collaborate. The purpose of our Workshop & Seminar offer is to provide a mechanism where we can draw on this expertise and offer a programme of get-togethers on specific specialist topics of interest to our members and the wider community.

Media & Learning Workshops & Seminars are half day events aimed at a maximum number of people, normally 30 which offer a deep dive and hands on experience where relevant on pedagogical, technical and organisational themes.

Topics are chosen and selected by our Advisory Committee and Management Board,  members are regularly contacted for their suggestions for topics based on their concerns and interests.

Topics planned for spring (2021) include:

  • Immersive conference experiences and new online meeting spaces
  • Designing a learning experience based on XR technologies
  • Re-imagining assessments in online teaching settings including the use of video