Conference programme

Please note that the programme will be further developed in the coming weeks and that it is subject to change.

Mainstream use of video in Higher Education

Plenary / learn

Lecture capture is one technology that has certainly gone mainstream in many universities. However many people question its value in terms of innovation and much still needs to be discovered and implemented to make it really effective including how to ensure it is open to as many students as possible. And lecture capture is not the only video-based service that is going mainstream. Join this plenary session to discuss the implications of campus wide video based services in general.

Moderator: Wim Van Petegem, KU Leuven, Belgium

Coffee Break

According to wikipedia, the 'coffee break' allegedly originated in the late 19th century in Wisconsin, USA with the wives of Norwegian immigrants - but in conference terms it has come to mean the time when you meet old friends and catch up on news and developments.

360˚ Video, 3D, 4K, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Presentations / learn

Giving formative feedback via screencast

Workshops / learn

Participants will practice giving formative feedback on a piece of student work using the format of a screencast. We will experiment with Feedback and using a variety of coaching questions to provide a range of formative feedback. Participants will outline their own production flow to streamline this process. Screencasts created in the workshop will be shared and discussed. Bring a laptop with camera and microphone. Download Screencast in advance.

This workshop will be led by:

  • Zac Woolfitt, Inholland University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands

European Project Incubator Session

Discussions / talk

During this session open to members of the Media & Learning Association only, members will share ideas for collaborative cross-border projects including potential submissions in the next round of European Commission funding under the Horizon2020, Erasmus+ and Creative Europe programmes.

Moderator: Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association/ATiT, Belgium


Screenings / watch
  • flashMOOCS - Interactive and Scientific Videos
    David Graf, Universität Bern, Switzerland
  • Showcase of anthropological films created by students
    Patrick Devlieger, KU Leuven, Belgium

Symposium Part 1

International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) Symposium

ICIWL supports practitioners in carrying out action research enquiries in their own workplace. In the process practitioners make their own unique contribution to the creation of knowledge by developing greater self-awareness, participating in decision-making processes in collaboration with others, and designing pedagogical and technological innovations that have the potential to transform their life and the lives of others.

Part 1: Workshop participants will be introduced to the action research enquiry process and they will hear from students currently involved in action research enquiries.

Inputs from:

  • Edel Gallagher, ICIWL/DCU, Ireland
  • Pádraig Ó Beaglaoich, ICIWL/DCU, Ireland
  • Laura Sloyan, ICIWL/DCU, The Netherlands
  • Paul Mahon, ICIWL/DCU, Ireland
  • Margaret Farren, ICIWL, DCU, Ireland


Lunch will be provided in the conference venue and is free to all registered participants. It will be served buffet-style providing you with plenty of opportunities to meet existing friends and colleagues. You can also use the time to visit the exhibition and demonstration stands hosted by various companies and organisations active in the video in higher education sector.

Student produced video

Presentations / learn

More and more universities are using video as an assessment tool as well as providing resources and support to students to create their own video based materials. Presenters in this session will explore various approaches to doing this effectively.

Moderator: John Murray, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

What lecture capture needs to be a useful tool for learning

Workshops / learn

Mere video recording of a lecture, even if it is a very interesting and important one, is not sufficient for learning from it. Some additional content is required as well as navigational and other tools. Workshop participants will discuss in small groups the variety of learning needs where lecture capture might be handy. Next they will try to identify additional content needed. Finally those new insights will be integrated in a proposal for Rich Lecture Capture content and potential tools. One such tool will be demonstrated.

What works? Do It Yourself Concepts for Higher Education

Discussions / talk

Explore and discuss a range of different concepts and approaches to production that are being adopted by universities across Europe ranging from complete DIY to other variants and practices.

Discussants include:

Moderator: Sónia Hetzner, Innovation in Learning Institut, Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany


Screenings / watch

Symposium Part 2

International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) Symposium

The second part of the symposium will enable participants to come up with their own idea for action research in their own work context.

Closing plenary

Plenary / learn

This closing plenary of the 2019 Media & Learning Conference will consider the most pressing topics that have emerged at this year's conference and will provide an opportunity to discuss with participants how this community of practitioners, technical service providers and researchers can move forward in the future.

Coffee Break

According to wikipedia, the 'coffee break' allegedly originated in the late 19th century in Wisconsin, USA with the wives of Norwegian immigrants - but in conference terms it has come to mean the time when you meet old friends and catch up on news and developments.

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