10/2022 to 10/2024

The European EDUmake project is based on an innovative interactive educational format developed by and for teachers to use in their classroom. EDUmake partners in Belgium, Croatia and The Netherlands are creating localised versions of existing EDUbox materials aimed at 12-18 year olds as developed by VRT based on high-quality audiovisual content and interactive engagement strategies. EDUbox materials are focused on important societal challenges such as inclusion, polarisation, tackling disinformation, culture and social media. They will be tested out in classrooms in partner countries and the feedback gathered will be used to further refine and advance the EDUbox approach.

EDUmake partners are also creating a dedicated EDUbox focused on European policy for use in the classroom in preparation of the European elections taking place in 2024. Part of the project remit is to create an easy-to-use format for translating and contextualising EDUbox packages across the EU and potentially beyond. This includes a set of tools, strategies and materials that teachers and others can use in the future to create their own EDUboxes on topics that they consider important.

EDUmake is a two year project led by VRT in Belgium that began in October 2022 funded under the European Commission’s Creative Europe Programme.

EDUboxes currently available in English: Fake News and Artificial Intelligence

This Project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement: CREA-CROSS-2021- INNOVLAB-Project 101059958

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