EDUboxes make learning about European elections fun!

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As the clock ticks down to the June 2024 European elections, educators across Europe are harnessing innovative resources to equip citizens, particularly newly enfranchised young voters aged 16-18, with the knowledge and skills they need to engage meaningfully in the democratic process. In response to this crucial need, the EDUmake project has unveiled a trio of educational treasures: the EDUbox series on Politics, Persuasion, and Ideology.

Introducing EDUbox: a pathway to engaging education

First, let’s explore the concept behind EDUbox. Developed by VRT, EDUbox is an innovative educational format designed to introduce secondary school students (and adaptable for different age groups and educational contexts) to pressing social topics, such as fake news, sexting, cybersecurity, etc… These EDUboxes are not just educational tools; they’re gateways to deep learning experiences, meticulously crafted to blend technology, didactics, and storytelling into an interactive and unforgettable journey.

Unravelling the EDUbox Trio

EDUbox Politics: From Vote to Policy

At the heart of the Elections ’24 offering lies EDUbox Politics. This resource is a compass navigating young minds through the intricate labyrinth of political decision-making. From the initial spark of an idea to the concrete realisation of policy, students embark on a journey, discovering how to advocate for their beliefs and effect change.

EDUbox Persuasion: About slogans, political communication & propaganda

Next in the trio is EDUbox Persuasion. Here, students delve into the art of rhetoric, exploring slogans, political communication, and propaganda. Through hands-on activities, they unravel the mechanisms of persuasion, and the importance of discerning between positive and negative influences. From crafting their own persuasive posters to dissecting real-world campaigns, learners emerge equipped with the critical thinking skills essential for navigating the turbulent waters of modern politics.

EDUbox Ideology: Thinking about ideals and political visions

Completing the trio is EDUbox Ideology, an exploration of ideals and political visions. In a world shaped by diverse ideologies, students grapple with the complexities of differing worldviews and the implications for societal harmony. Through immersive role-plays and thought-provoking discussions, they confront the challenges of reconciling conflicting beliefs and discover pathways to constructive dialogue and collaboration. This EDUbox invites participants to discuss the ideological landscape shaping our collective future.

3 main reasons for using the EDUbox on Politics to educate young people about the EP 2024 elections

  1. Ready-to-use FREE educational resource
    EDUbox on Politics is a comprehensive, ready-to-use resource tailored for both formal and non-formal educational settings. With versions available in multiple languages, it’s ideal for teaching young people about the EP 2024 elections.

    EDUbox on Politics is a comprehensive, ready-to-use resource tailored for both formal and non-formal educational settings. With versions available in multiple languages, it’s ideal for teaching young people about the EP 2024 elections.
  2. High-quality audiovisual content and engaging interactive elements
    Designed to captivate and involve students, EDUbox incorporates diverse interactive elements and discussion prompts. These elements range from group tasks to reflective exercises, complemented by high-quality video content and games. Varied activities are intended to sustain engagement and foster better understanding, encouraging learners to actively participate in critical discussions about politics.
  3. Tested and proven educational resources
    EDUbox materials have been carefully developed and tested by the EDUmake project consortium partners, ensuring their effectiveness. Educators who’ve used them appreciate their ease of use, high-quality audiovisual content and interactive games.

The road to the 2024 European elections is paved with opportunities for change. We invite educators to use EDUbox Politics, encouraging young voters to step forward armed with a better understanding of politics and the importance of voting.

EDUbox Politics is currently available in English and Dutch (tailored for the Belgian context), Dutch (for the audience in the Netherlands) and Croatian.

For additional information about this EDUbox and how to access it, please visit the EDUmake page. If you’re interested in customising EDUbox Politics for your country, you can complete the form on the webpage or reach out to Tim van Lier (Tim.VANLIER@VRT.BE) for further details.

EDUmake consortium: VRT (national public-service broadcaster for the Flemish Community of Belgium), NTR (Dutch public broadcaster), imec (R&D and innovation hub in Belgium), University of Zagreb (Croatia) and Media & Learning Association

The EDUmake project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement: CREA-CROSS-2021-INNOVLAB-Project 101059958

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