360 Essentials: A beginner’s guide to immersive video storytelling

“360 Essentials: A Beginner’s Guide to Immersive Video Storytelling” is a comprehensive (150 pages) guidebook authored by Joshua Cameron, Gary Gould, and Adrian Ma. This free e-book, published by Ryerson University Library and available on Pressbooks, delves into the nuances of creating and understanding 360-degree video content, an emerging and immersive form of storytelling. It covers various aspects including the technicalities of 360 video, equipment selection, shooting techniques, storytelling approaches, sound design, editing, ethical considerations, and future directions in the field. While some prior experience with photography or videography can help, the technology available now gives anybody the ability to produce this type of amazing content.
The book is structured into multiple chapters, each focusing on a different aspect of 360 video production and storytelling. Key topics include an introduction to what 360 video is, a guide to the necessary gear, shooting in 360, approaches to storytelling in this medium, sound design specific to 360 video, and tips for editing. Additionally, it addresses the ethical implications of using 360 video in storytelling and speculates on the future of this technology.
Intended as a resource for beginners in the field of immersive video, the book combines theoretical knowledge with practical tips and insights, making it an essential tool for anyone looking to explore or enhance their skills in 360 video production. The book emphasizes the unique capabilities of 360 video in creating engaging and immersive narratives, presenting it as a powerful tool in modern storytelling.

Learning activityInquiry
TypeGuidelines and recommendations
LicenceCC BY
InstitutionRyerson University Library

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