Enhance your course with multimedia

This webpage from Delft University of Technology, titled “Enhance your course with multimedia,” is designed to aid course creators, teachers, and educational staff in effectively utilizing various types of media in their courses. The page is an extremely helpful tool for all  involved with the creation and use of educational multimedia and it serves two main purposes:

Firstly, it aims to inspire educators with different examples of media, which can be filtered based on media type (like video, text, animation) or course part (such as introduction, content). This helps in selecting the appropriate media type for a specific educational purpose. The site also provide well chosen examples of media assets.
Secondly, the page provides an estimation of the effort required to create certain media products, either by oneself (DIY) or by starting a project at the NewMedia Centre (NMC). This estimation is based on previous experiences and is intended to help educators make more informed decisions regarding the effort needed for different media projects.

The page also guides on how to use the document, suggesting users to explore different media examples and check the estimated effort for each. It emphasizes that these estimations are approximate and advises users to stay updated on the facilities of their faculty and the NewMedia Centre before deciding on a particular media type. The page covers a wide range of media types and provides practical information to enhance educational courses through multimedia.

The page was created as a collaboration between Teaching and Learning Services (TLS) and the NewMedia Centre (NMC) from Delft University of Technology.

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This resource has been collected as part of the TransACTION! project.