Purpose of Media: Discover different media types to tell your story

This table is designed to make more effective use of media. There are two main purposes to this sheet:
– To inspire course creators, teachers and education staff with different examples of media. The different examples can be filtered on media type (e.g. video, text, animation etc.) or course part (introduction, content etc.). To clarify the examples you can look at the possible purpose for your story and look for a suitable media type.
– To give an estimation on the required effort. Based on previous experiences, an estimation is made on the effort to create a certain product yourself (DIY) or to start a project at the NewMedia Centre (Project size NMC). You can use this estimation to make more informed decisions on the required effort.

Learning activityInquiry
TypeGuidelines and recommendations
FormatWebsite or web page
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This resource has been collected as part of the TransACTION! project.