Teaching with Augmented and Virtual Reality

The web site “Teaching with Augmented and Virtual Reality” explores the use of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) in educational settings, emphasizing their potential to enhance learning experiences especially in the context of earth sciences, but many parts are inspiring also beyond this domain.
It introduces VR as a technology that immerses users in a computer-generated world, which can range from virtual worlds on a computer screen to fully immersive environments using head-mounted displays. AR is described as a technology that overlays computer-generated content onto our real-world environment, enhancing our sensory experience through mobile devices, tablets, and emerging wearable devices like Google Glass and Microsoft Hololens.
The guide suggests that using VR and AR in the classroom doesn’t necessarily require specialized equipment; many VR/AR experiences can be created and explored with just a smartphone or a tablet. It highlights that VR is particularly effective for virtual field trips or transporting students to different times or places, while AR is useful for bringing materials into the classroom and enhancing field experiences with content overlays.
The document underscores the importance of defining clear objectives for using AR/VR in teaching. These objectives can vary from increasing student interest through visually stunning storytelling to focusing on specific learning content like spatial reasoning or procedural knowledge. It emphasizes the need for thoughtful consideration of learning outcomes and assessment methods before selecting an approach or technology for AR or VR teaching activities​​.

This resource is subdivided in the following parts:
Pedagogies & VR (VR in Education; Technology Overview)
Teaching Activities
Visual Resources
The part Teaching Activities is a collection of very detailled and concrete examples of practical activities that can be carried out in the classroom.
Learning activityInquiry
TypeGuidelines and recommendations
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