Check out the latest tools and services at the M&L22 Exhibition

During the Media & Learning conference taking place on 2-3 June in Leuven, we will be hosting an exhibition where 8 companies will showcase the latest technology and services to enhance your use of media for teaching and learning. This exhibition is open to the public in Group T Leuven Campus (KU Leuven), Andreas Vesaliusstraat 13, 3000 Leuven, Belgium from 08:00 to 18:00 on Thursday 2 June and on 08:00 to 16:00 on Friday 3 June.

The organisers of Media & Learning 2022 would like to thank all of our exhibitors and sponsoring members for their trust and continued support over the years.

”Hybrid environnment for student-centered innovation” with Mediasite

The concept of a “hybrid-first” environment is driving a lot of current discussions around student-centered innovation. Many of these discussions tend to focus specifically on new channels of communication and the opportunities they can provide in terms of remote collaboration, time-based and geographic flexibility, etc. At Sonic Foundry, we believe there is an equally important conversation to be had about the future of content, and about how new developments in video technology and the uses of video metadata can help move the student to the center of learning innovation. In the future we imagine, accessibility, content enhancement, and data enrichment will evolve in complementary and mutually-supportive directions, and open up new channels of empowerment for both students and educators. This vision is a core element of our newest ventures – one aimed at improving access and equity in international education and the other focused on enhancing the student experience with video through innovative AI capabilities. These ventures reflect both Sonic Foundry’s commitment to the concept of student-centered innovation and our belief in the rapidly expanding power and versatility of video content as a learning tool.

”All-in-one video management and lecture capture software for higher education” with Panopto

Panopto is the leading provider of all-in-one video management and lecture capture software for the higher education market. Since 2007, we’ve helped faculty and administrators improve the student learning experience with live and on-demand video. Today, hundreds of academic institutions worldwide use Panopto to centralize and manage campus video content, integrate video into their learning management systems, and record and live stream lectures, flipped classrooms, campus events, student assignments, and more. Trusted by 22 of the world’s top 25 universities, Panopto has been recognized by Gartner as a leader in video management and by University Business as a top product for higher education.

”Empowering true human connection in every space” with Biamp

For over 40 years, Biamp has created professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication. From the smallest of rooms to the largest of venues, we empower true human connection in every space. We deliver, manage, and enhance professional audio and video for the most effective, natural communications possible. As we grow to meet our customers’ needs and evolve to address the challenges of tomorrow, one guiding principle remains the same: Biamp connects people through extraordinary audiovisual experiences. Visit the Biamp stand to discuss how Artificial Intelligence is now being used to simplify and offer constancy for the configuration of lecture theatres, meeting rooms and classrooms that use Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and video camera technology. You will also find a demonstration of the new range of Biamp hardware that can achieve incredible results from a simple button press in order to optimise the acoustics of any given space.

”The award-winning Cynap and Visualizer systems” with Wolfvision

WolfVision is a leading manufacturer of wireless presentation, web conferencing, collaboration, and Visualizer (document camera) solutions. The company’s award-winning Cynap and Visualizer systems are used worldwide, in universities, schools, and other educational institutions, providing physical and digital on-screen imaging capability for in-person, remote, and hybrid learning environments of all types. Visit the WolfVision stand to see the latest Cynap all-in-one classroom collaboration solutions, including the popular Cynap-powered vSolution MATRIX multi-screen, active learning classroom collaboration system, plus the latest WolfVision 4K UHD Visualizers.  Discover also the new multi-platform web conferencing solution for Cynap systems. Supporting Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other Web-RTC-based conferencing services, it solves many of the issues most commonly experienced with BYOM web conferencing systems.

”Making inclusive every learning environment” with Amberscript

Amberscript builds SaaS solutions that help customers automatically transform audio and video into text. Our speech scientists use data to train the best speech recognition engines in European languages. Then our online text editor and human transcribers bring the text to 100% accuracy. Our mission is to make all audio accessible. We help educational institutions ensure that the content in their learning environments are inclusive by providing them with solutions that create high-quality subtitles and transcriptions.

”Providing hardware and software solutions” with Canon

Canon can be hard to define. Especially when you learn the extent of our expertise and discover all the fascinating places our imaging technology can be found today. We’re full of surprises. Our original ambition to design and manufacture the world’s most advanced and well-loved cameras has evolved over eighty years into a desire to play a part in every image made. Our products and expertise reach places you may never have imagined and touch millions of lives every day. Canon will be showing a multicamera video production/streaming solution providing flexibility and remote control combining remote PTZ NDI/SDI cameras, professional camcorders and Canon grading monitors. Canon can be your total digital imaging partner providing solutions for video-streaming, Video/Photo/VR content creation, Crowd People Counting software and much more. Next to providing hardware and software solutions, we are also happy to support you with engineering and consultancy.

”Innovation in video production” with WebClip2Go

Producing a video is a cumbersome and time-consuming process. And although electronics has changed the TV industry, the workflow did not change much since the start of black and white television over half a century ago. Over time, computers merely assisted the videographer. WebClip2Go decided to change the workflow all together. After all, the workflow was invented in the pre-computer era, so we asked ourselves the question: “what would the workflow look like if we would develop the workflow from scratch today?” The result is a stunning new workflow where the computer does all the work. No crew, no editing, no colour correction, no rendering, instant video without fuss… A videographer can assist, but even that is optional. We went through the usual stages of an innovative product: disbelief, denial, misunderstanding, the lot. Then people started adopting our method and quickly found the savings were even larger than we predicted. And the number of users is now rapidly growing with many owners buying multiple systems. Curious? Come talk to us and see for yourself how video is produced today! Sometimes, if it sounds too good to be true, it is true afterall…

“Effortless video capturing for classrooms and lecture halls” with Seervision

Seervision is a Swiss company developing innovative software that makes live video production automated and effortless. With its computer vision-based scene understanding, the Seervision Suite gives every control system and every device in an installation the ability to see and react live to what is happening. Our autonomous camera system is a scalable video solution for producing high-quality educational content without technical complexity. The Seervision Suite can be set up in lecture rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums or any multi-function spaces with AV equipment and it allows students the same experience as being in a real lecture hall with dynamic, high-quality footage. The Seervision Suite is hardware independent and integrates seamlessly thanks to its powerful APIs. The System is built specifically for robotic camera operation so that users can run a full production with smooth shots, autonomous camera and audio tracking. Users can easily integrate the Seervision Suite with an increasingly wide range of PTZ cameras from various manufactures such as Canon, Panasonic Sony, Birddog, etc. Nowadays, the Seervision Suite automates the overall video production workflows of educational spaces, hybrid corporate spaces, studios as well as stage events.”

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