Meet you in Leuven for Media & Learning 2022!

At the same time as our June newsletter is going out, our secretariat staff and conference team are moving to Groep T in Leuven, Belgium to get ready for the Media & Learning Association’s annual conference on 2-3 June 2022 which marks the 10th anniversary of the Association! Organised jointly with KU Leuven, this first face-to-face conference after more than 2 years is packed with talks, demos and discussions about teaching and learning in higher education with media support for the 21st century.

Here is a summary of just some of the topics we will be discussing:

Hybrid teaching – the perfect solution or just a phase we are going through….

We will be taking a hard look at teaching practice and exploring the best ways to tackle the new realities, foremost among these is the increasingly common practice of Hybrid or Hyflex teaching. After our recent online seminar in which speakers from Australia, the US and The Netherlands shared their experiences and advice on the subject, we are really looking forward to talks by Brian J. Beatty, San Francisco State University, USA and Annelies Raes, KU Leuven, Belgium and Université de Lille, France on the topic during our plenary session on 3 June followed by a discussion. Read Zac Woolfit’s excellent article on the subject in this newsletter where he highlights many of the issues that we expect to come up.

Getting the most out of video

How can developments like 360° video be applied in practice? How can we use video and other media in the assessment process? What media types are best for different purposes and how to choose them?  How are service providers coping with the overload? These and many more questions related to the use of video in educational settings will be discussed. Speakers on this topic include: Erin Crisp, Campus Edu, USA, Pim van Schöll from the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands, Eirik Wattengard from NTNU in Norway and Laurent Krook from University of Groningen, the Netherlands.

The changing role of support services

How are universities changing? What does this mean for the services that many in our audience provide? Where and how do media-supported services fit in the new mix? And what about the overall role of higher education institutions and the learning opportunities that they provide to students – how can they be made more relevant?

The changing role of support services conference track will include talks by Deborah Arnold, AUNEGe, France,  Sonia Hetzner, Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU), Germany, Dominik Lukes, University of Oxford, UK, Stuart Phillipson, University of Manchested, UK and Emma Wiersma & Julian van der Kraats, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Moving XR mainstream

We will be taking a look at the role of exciting XR technologies in higher education and trying to figure out what will take XR, and other hi-tech approaches away from the world of once-off pilots and into the mainstream. Thomas Ginn, Leiden University, The Netherlands will give a keynote presentation on this important topic.

Supporting teachers in their use of media

Many universities and teacher training organisations offer opportunities for trainee teachers to enhance their skills in the use of media to enhance their teaching practice. The topic of how best to do this for both pre and in-service teachers will be the subject of a discussion and a presentation session with talks by Niels Brouwer and John McCullagh who have both published books on this topic. We will also feature the winning entry to the EDIT challenge 2021, submitted by student teachers from Johannes Guterberg University Mainz, Germany.

Workshops and Demos

Our agenda includes workshops on: Learning to use H5P, AI in audio visual systems, Creating a research-based framework for enhancing and promoting multimedia learning design and Developing ideal formats is a co-creative agile process . We will also organise visits to KU Leuven’s Knowledge clip studio on both Thursday and Friday as well as hosting demos of a bunch of new tools and apps. These include ViSkiLab, Hackshield in the Class, Enlight Ed, PleitVrij, Crimehouse VR and the award winning Hybrid Learning Theatre in University of Amsterdam.

Screenings of this year’s MEDEA Awards finalists as well as several from previous years will form part of the programme on Thursday and we will anounce this year’s winners during the annual MEDEA Awards Ceremony in the Historical Leuven Town Hall on Thursday evening. Everyone is welcome to join us for this event, more information here.

Our conference is accompanied by an exhibition where we will be featuring the latest products and services from our sponsors.

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