Welcome University of Amsterdam, Queen Margaret University and Delft University of Technology

University membership of the Media & Learning Association expanded in January with 3 new high profile universities joining. The first was University of Amsterdam (UvA) where membership is led by the Audiovisual Center which produces video in many shapes and sizes and advises policymakers, teachers and supporting staff on the use of audiovisual media in education from a pedagogical, technical and organisational point of view. The second was Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, where staff in media services take a lead in supporting the university’s teaching and learning from an AV perspective which includes managing tenders and specifying any new equipment and developments after full consultation with staff and students. The third university to join was Delft University of Technology where membership will be led by the NewMedia Centre, the media production and expertise centre which produces video, animation, infographics, web applications, virtual and augmented reality, livestreams and lecture capture for education, science and communication. We are looking forward to working together in the busy months ahead.