Get inspired with Frame Set, a website with stills from over 300000 films and videos

Get inspired with Frame Set

Sometimes as a video maker you need inspiration for your creative imaging, other times you may find it difficult to express in words how you imagine an image or a visual mood and your sketching skills are too limited to make a sufficiently detailed storyboard. If you are looking for inspiring images, film stills, shots from commercials and other movies, you can go to Frame Set, a website that has collected up to now over 300.000 picture frames. During pre-production Frame Set can help during brainstorming sessions about production style, or it can help you develop storyboards or mood boards and so on. You can search on basically anything that can come to mind: keywords or mood description, to similarity (drop in an image to find similar images), search on colors and on color temperature, change the aspect ratio of the results, shot type, interior and exterior, time of day, number of people in the image, their age and gender… There is a free and quite limited preview available, the paid service is not cheap (16 USD per month) but allows for creating private sets of images that can be viewed and shared in 4K and HD. Go to the FrameSet website