iPlayText – Turn text in podcasts

This free and super simple iPhone or iPad only (sorry) app reads out text pages. You can paste texts directly into the app, or you can select ‘use the Wikipedia button’ in the app to search for Wikipedia pages that you prefer to listen to rather than to read. The app reads aloud in 27 languages (from Arabic to Turkish, including most European languages but also Chinese, Japanese, Russian and more.) Not every language has a wide choice of voices, and it must be said that not all voices sound as pleasant or as natural as I would prefer but this is just such an easy tool when you’re driving your car, walking, or running, waiting for a plane… The app works also offline, once the text is pasted in. Easy player controls allow repeat, speed adjustment, or jump back and forward, also when you locked the device. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. For the time being it is free, also free of ads.