Renderforest, a template-based creative tool for animations

Get animated with Renderforest

Renderforest is an all-in-one online platform in which you can create animated videos, logos, mock-ups, graphics based on templates, covering a multitude of topics. It is easy to create in just a few clicks videos containing text, audio, transitions and animation or a graphic or a logo. There is no need for advanced technical or design skills. The application runs in your browser, it is not free but there is a free trial version and altogether the cost is not too high. This definitely a good tool for starters that want to explore the art of animation or graphic design and who want to learn the first steps. Within minutes you will be able to create impressive moving logos and graphics. For professional users however, the templates will quickly feel too limiting. Real starters will find easy ways to make basic by attractive graphics and video materials, but beyond quick and easy basic work, the user will soon enough meet the limits of the application. In-browser application, not free.