UCLA Library: Critical Media Literacy Research Guide

The UCLA Library (University of California, Los Angeles) provides research assistance, course guides, subject guides and useful resources compiled by UCLA librarians and researchers and is accessible for anyone who is interested.

The Critical Media Literacy Research Guide ”Engaging Media and Transforming Education” was put together by Dr. Jeff Share, Andrea Gambino and Fran Marineo from the School of Education & Information Studies. This online research guide offers an incredible amount of useful links to selected journals and magazines on Media Literacy; a collection of blogs, courses, lessons, podcats, reports. You can even find a relevant list of institutes, museums, ML research groups as well as online videos, documentaries and films. The Critical Media Literacy Research Guide is very handy for any research work, it even points out articles and eBook databases, highlights the different research topics in Critical Media Literacy and provides guidance in citing your sources.