Escape rooms – a new format for the teaching and learning community?

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Anyone with teenagers in the house is probably already familiar with the idea of escape rooms as they pop up on European main streets in much the same as they are doing elsewhere on the globe.

Chris Coward and his colleagues at the University of Washington Information School are exploring alternative formats for learning about and developing resistance to misinformation. Their first online escape room – The Euphorigen Investigation — immerses players in a world of manipulated media, social media bots, deepfakes and other forms of deception. The goal is to create an active learning environment around misinformation using the experiential format of an escape room, with particular attention to the emotional and psychological dimensions of misinformation, areas that are often missing from other misinformation educational programs. The research team uses co-design methods with future plans to develop other escape rooms tailored to the needs and interests of particular communities.

Join Chris and other colleagues as we take part in an participatory adventure using an escape room dealing with the topic of misinformation and discuss this approach as a learning experience.