Media & Learning Online: Autumn 2021

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Managing and innovating video-based services in Higher Education

This one day Media & Learning Online Conference will take place on Thursday 18 November and is aimed at everyone interested in enhancing teaching and learning in higher education with the support of media. 

The conference programme is focused on the following topics:

Active learning supported by media

According as life on many campuses returns somewhat to normal, we plan to share ideas about how media can be used on and offline to support truly interactive and participative learning. Whether this is to do with enhancing lecture capture, incorporating interactive practices during live online sessions or finding ways to make self-study more engaging – the name of the game is student engagement – join us to share ideas about how to do this successfully.

Choosing and using different video formats for different pedagogical settings

For many, the choice of which video format to opt for in a learning setting is dictated by factors such as available resources, experience and knowledge rather than by suitability from a pedagogical point-of-view. We would like to share and discuss how these choices are made in higher education generally and to figure out ways to streamline and enhance this process.

Managing the demand for audiovisual learning support services

The production of educational multimedia in universities has gone into overdrive with the crisis, and the pressure this has put on service managers and staff is very high. In discussing this topic, we realise that we are opening a veritable Pandora’s Box of challenges and issues, what services should be supported? how to manage internal service practices is ways that are sustainable? how can innovation be supported?

Along with a programme packed with thought-provoking talks, engaging discussions and demonstrations of different tools and services, the programme will also feature a showcase of the finalists in the MEDEA Awards 2021, followed by an announcement of this year’s winner.