MEDEA Awards 2022

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David Graf, University of Bern, Switzerland, MEDEA Award 2022 winner, holding the MEDEA statuette

The 14th MEDEA Awards Ceremony took place on Thursday 2 June, in the Town Hall of Leuven as part of the 2022 Media & Learning Conference organised by KU Leuven and the Media & Learning Association. The Univesity of Bern, Switzerland represented by David Graf won this year MEDEA Award with it’s newest flashMOOC entitled Democracy vs. Sustainability | a branched interactive story. This education game (available in english) teaches viewers about decision making as well as how to deal with different political, social and economical issues. The winner was announced by Thomas Van Oppens, City of Leuven’s Alderman of Human Ressources, Stduent Affaires, City Cleaning and Animal Welfare.

Winners of the Special Jury Prize, Tula Verhalle & Anne-Astrid Agten, KU Leuven Learning Lab, Belgium

The 2022 Special Jury Prize was given to ViSkiLab (Virtual Skills Lab) submitted by the KU Leuven Learning Lab and represented by Tula Verhalle, Anne-Astrid Agten and Aleyde Van Eynde. This app part of a 2019 project is a virtual learning environment which provides skills training for biomedical sciences bachelor students.

Winners of the Audience Favourite Prize Wessel van Stiphout and Tim Murck, the Netherlands

Finally during the ceremony the Audience Favourite prize was also rewarded and went to to HackShield in the Class, represented by Tim Murck and Wessel van Stiphout from HackShield Future Cyber Heroes, the Netherlands. HackShield is an educational game (available in english and dutch) made for schools all around the world. The game is constituted of quests which are designed to use in classes and help teachers deal with important cyber topics.

Five other remarkable entries make up the list of 2022 finalists, they are (in alphabetical order):

  • A suitcase full of images and sounds online submitted by Karpos, Greece and represented by Maria Leonida.
  • Black Lives in Alberta: Over a Century of Racial Injustice Continues submitted by Shiloh Centre for Multicultural Roots and Lethbridge University, Canada and represented by Jenna Bailey & Deborah Dobbins.
  • Immersed in Media submitted by Ulster University, United Kingdom and represented by Jessica McConkey
  • International Spotlight Heritage Student Contest 2021 submitted by Politehnica University of Timisoara, Romania and represented by Silviu Vert & Marius Tataru.
  • MOOC: Enlightening the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Archaeology in Italy submitted by Università degli studi di Padova, Italy and represented by Marianne Araneta.
From left to right: David Graf, Tim Murck, Wessel van Stiphout, Marius Tataru, Silviu Vert, Maria Leonida, Jenna Bailey, Tula Verhalle, Anne-Astrid Agten, Jessica McConkey, Marianne Araneta, Deborah Dobbins and Aleyde Van Eynde.

Congratulations to all our finalists and thanks again to everyone who took part in the MEDEA Awards including our dedicated team of judges and all of those who submitted entries.