Podcasting as an effective tool for learning

Part of series: Workshops & Seminars

Registration will close for this event on 3 December!

The interest in podcasting in education is on the rise with both students and teaching staff recognising the value and impact that a well-crafted podcast can deliver. During this online workshop, we will explore different formats and share the experiences of experienced podcast producers who are using podcasting as part of their learning offer

In this workshop you will have the chance to listen to various educational podcast examples and meet and greet with the makers to get a look behind the scenes. How were these podcasts created: in the teacher’s attic or in a pro studio? What was the biggest challenge to create the podcast? What would they have done different next time? In small groups you will get the chance to discuss together and exchange tips & tricks that can make your own educational podcast adventure a success. In this workshop media experts from Leiden University & KU Leuven will also share knowledge, experience and resources on what works best to create – and deliver – effective podcasts.

This session will be led by Stef Stef and Evert Binnard from KU Leuven Learning Lab and Thomas Ginn and Joasia van Kooten, Centre for Innovation, Leiden University.