SMILES Seminar | Young people fighting disinformation

SMILES is a media literacy project aimed at helping young people learn how to recognise and become resilient to disinformation. Together with libraries, media literacy organisations and research institutes in the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium, we have developed a training course that contributes to a safer and more responsible use of digital technology amongst young people. 

This online webinar comes at the end of the project and provides an opportunity to present this training course and share experiences, tips, examples, good practices … During this session, you will be introduced to the 5 modules (also called Building Blocks) designed by the SMILES partners on disinformation:

  • Liedewij Lamers, Programme Manager, Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Netherlands; will introduce the SMILES project and present an overview of the outputs and resources produced by the team (Presentation)
  • Patricia van Rijswijk, Trainer and Developer of Educational Offer & Anne Bothmer, Education Team, The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision; will present Module A ”Let’s start with the basics: what is disinformation?”, C ”Discover the techniques used to produce disinformation messages”, D ”How is disinformation being spread?” (Presentation)
  • Chloé Pété, Communications & Project Officer, Media & Learning Association, Belgium; will present Module B ”How to detect and resist disinformation?” (Presentation)
  • Claudia Misteli, Creative Communication Strategist and Social Designer, Platoniq Foundation, Spain; will present Module E ”What is the impact of disinformation emotionally and collectively?” (Presentation)

Moderated by Sally Reynolds, Media & Learning Association

For more information on the project and to consult the SMILES training course on disinformation, visit SMILES and check out the Digital Toolkit.